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An Escape Room, What's That?

Welcome to UNLOCKED, the first escape room in Ahmedabad! An escape room is essentially a real life gaming experience for a group of 2-6 people making it an ideal fun activity among friends, family and colleagues. A room filled with hidden secrets, cryptic clues, and intriguing puzzles, this concept has become quite a global phenomenon.

For our room, "The Explorer" we've collaborated with the most creative Dutch minds from Amsterdam. You and your team of investigators get locked in the themed room and need to make your way out in 60 minutes. Think you can do it?

Take a step in and you'll find yourself somewhere in the Victorian era. From the rainforests of Peru to the Masai tribes of Kenya, these objects from far away lands carry with them deep, dark, & dawning secrets.

All Set to Unlock this Mystery?

A long time ago.. 1897 to be precise, British explorer Alexandra Lionheart made her way to Gujarat. More than a 100 years later we happened to discover her study chamber right in the heart of the city! The folklore tells us that hers was a story weaving together revenge, black magic and an Indian prince. To say that her chamber holds many a secret is an understatement.


We’ve been looking for the right sort of investigators to unravel her mysterious life and find her precious blue sapphire heart necklace. Could you and your team be the ones?

...but beware, this is not for the faint of heart


*Applicable taxes will be charged extra

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