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Unlocked Gurgaon: We’re all set to beat the mid-summer blues with our amazing curations for Pride June! ❤️🧡💛💚💙

Regulars: We’re continuing our streak with Board Gaming Tuesdays, Pink Wednesdays, D&D Sessions and Happy Hours.


Swifties ERAS Night, 12 June: A night full of partying & obsessing over the GOAT, Taylor Swift! Join our TS bash with music, tattoo art, pop-ups and themed drinks.


The Office Quiz, 20 June: This is your chance to win a Dundie for being the biggest Office fan! Sign up for a night full of Office trivia.

Pride Bash, 28 June: Enjoy a night to celebrate love and inclusivity with mesmerising music by Sagar Verma and all things Pride. 

Art Workshops: Join our specially curated workshops - 'Permission to Pause' where you will learn the art of journaling with Mansha from Patrika and a quant 'Table Styling' workshop with The Poppy House. 

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